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In the year of 2004 a group of Mexican lawyers founded the Mexican center of uniform law. Their main concern was the high cost in legal administration, fostered by the great diversity of the Mexican legal system and the obstacles which it provoked in its functionality.


Diverse reasons were taken into consideration in its creation

  • A. The adoption of a federal system is not sufficient reason to provoke a distortion of the functionality of a legal system and of the daily life of the governors.

  • B. There is a complete compatibility between the notion of uniformity or harmonization, through the legislative methodology and the sovereignty of the Mexican federal states.

  • C.- it is of the utmost importance to create a ius commune de conflictum legum, such as was the case in Europe many centuries ago.

More importantly the Americas, from the viceroyalty of new Spain to the viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata, were ruled during three hundred years under a
ius commune.

At the time of its creation, it was very clear in the spirit of it’s founders that the systemic differences among legal systems came from different mentalities and their histories; but it has to be said, they disappear in the same way as they are created, in societies belonging to the western world such as ours.

Likewise, it has been stated that the scientific advances, especially in the realm of telecommunications and computer technology, foster the integration process.

Geopolitics borders are changing and, whether one agrees or not, are becoming more porous and societies tend to become more similar, sharing the same values and facing similar problems.

The founders of the center bearded in mind that while introducing uniformity or harmonization, they must carefully observe the subtleties of regions and federal states.

For uniformity to be successful, it must respond to basic matters, otherwise risking the result of being totally ineffective. Uniformity or harmonization requires the comprehension and understanding of legal systems so that it can be constituted in a system of operational rules.

Finally, it was considered that in the harmonization or uniformity of legislation it is inherent to bear in mind that
The huge scientific advances of the west can be explained due to the diversity of its societies in contrast with other societies.

II. It's organization

In the structure of the Mexican center of uniform law a governing council sets the foundations of research. A general director assures the enforcement of the guidelines provided by the governing council with the assistance of attachés.

The director of the organization is dr. Jorge Sanchez Cordero.


III. It's location

The mexican center of uniform law is located in

Arquímedes no. 36
Col. Polanco,
Mexico City.


(52)(55)5281. 03.37.

IV.- It's Activities.

A. In international scope

The mexican center of uniform law regularly participates in annual meetings with the national american conference of commissioners on uniform state laws (nccusl) and the canadian uniform law conference. These three conferences have designed various working groups in which mexican lawyers, pertaining to the center, have had significant participation.

B. In national scope

The mexican center of uniform law has played a significant role in various important projects such as the drafting of the
white book of the mexican supreme court.

The conclusions of the
white book stress the importance of legislative uniformity or harmonisation as one of the proposals of the mexican supreme court in the judiciary reform.

It has also proposed diverse iniciatives, especially in the “reform of the state forum” organised under the auspices of the mexican senate.

It is currently undertaking a project of a contract model law for the federal states and will soon iniciate other projects with similar perspectives.

November 13 - 15, 2008. Mexico City. |

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